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In 2019 I moved to Mace Group, a global consultancy and construction organisation. Mace partnered up with Jacobs in a joint venture (JV) to undertake the role of the Project Management Consultant (PMC) at Expo 2020 Dubai.


When I joined the programme in 2019 there was a huge JV team spread across multiple functions.  Three months later we were hit with the COVID 19 pandemic and the event was postponed by one year. I remained at Expo to support the delivery of the projects and despite the obvious downside of the pandemic, I have loved every minute of working on such an inspiring programme. 

To understand more about joint ventures and to see a video on how Jacobs and Mace have worked together to achieve incredible results at Expo 2020, then please see the Expo 2020 - A Joint Venture page.

Expo 2020 Dubai

Expo 2020 3.jpg

Expo 2020 is a Major ProgrammePlease see the other page here to understand more about the differences between projects, programmes and portfolios.


The Expo 2020 site is nearly 4.5km2 and involves the construction of a major site that will host the Expo 2020 World Fair. It will then be regenerated into a new district for Dubai after the event finishes as part of an enormous legacy programme for the Emirate.


Expo 2020 Dubai – The Programme

Expo 2020 is a major event with the theme ‘Connecting Minds and Creating the Future’. The event has three sub themes – Opportunity, Sustainability and Mobility and during the event there will be approximately 190 participating countries, all with their own unique pavilion, where they will host their brightest ideas, projects and talented people.

There is so much incredible architecture and construction on the Expo site and now that the show is open to the world I can reveal a little bit more on my page about the amazing work that has taken place on this programme. My role, although having taken up so much of my time, is just one small part of a huge amount of work that has gone into creating so many different projects. I have spent a lot of time on the Expo site and every day I still come across new and different projects that have received the care and attention from other Engineers and Project Managers.


Sustainability Pavilion Solar Panel 'Trees'

My Role as a Project Manager


As a project manager, this programme is a dream to work on. I am working in the Participant Pavilion Delivery Team (PPD) as the project manager responsible for various projects including F&B design management for 4 large food halls and responsibility for delivery of over 100 pavilions.


My main role has been to manage the complex exhibition fit out for 41 of the participant countries. Each pavilion has it’s own unique design, with exciting audio and video experiences and stimulating interactions. The countries that I have the absolute pleasure of delivering the fit for are the following.

African Union






Democratic Republic of Congo








Holy See

Ivory Coast




League of Arab States







Organisation of Islamic Cooperation



San Marino


Sierra Leone

South Sudan

Sri Lanka

St Kitts & Nevis





These projects were awarded on a design and build basis and delivered on site by two main contractors with the contract being administered by a resident engineering team. My role is to manage these three organisations to deliver the works and act as the client interface between the site team and the Expo project managers to ensure that all of the requirements are met.

Slide deck of photos from these pavilions

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