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Heathrow Airport          

In 2015 I moved away from contracting and into project management consultancy, working for the independent professional services company, Turner & Townsend. The main reason for this change was to obtain experience in a new part of the construction industry and give myself a more comprehensive and well rounded understanding of the industry fits together.


I was very pleased to be placed at one of Turner & Townsends largest commissions in the UK, Heathrow Airport. I was seconded into the client team as a delivery Project Manager for airside/landside works.

This was an exciting move for me as I progress through my career. With the airside landside works being predominantly civil engineering based, my experience in engineering and construction delivery helped to support and drive Heathrows vast construction and development programme.

Working on the airfield

One of the aspects I enjoy most about being a project manager, is the opportunity to gain experience in fields that you previously had never imagined. At Heathrow I have gained valuable experience learning how the airport operates and how to manage works so as not to impact upon the operations on the live airfield.
With an aircraft taking off every 45 seconds and the airport operating at a 99% capacity, it was crucial as a project manager to understand the operations and how projects must be managed in this safety critical environment.

As a project manager at Heathrow, my main responsibilities in the airside / landside team were as follows;

  • Management of works airside in a live environment and planning safe works at critical airfield interfaces.

  • Development of a robust and realistic project schedule and cost estimates.

  • Monthly client progress and cost reporting.

  • Maintaining risk register and chairing weekly risk reduction meetings.

  • Managing change control in line with NEC3 contract.

  • Reporting to client on expenditure against project budget.

  • Management of key stakeholder relationships to ensure delivery of the project without impacting the operation of the airport

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